Frequently Asked Questions

Will the guitars, drums and keyboard work with my Playstation or Xbox gaming console?

No, the good news is that Sams Jams provides the console, so you don’t have to worry about having the right console for the instruments for Guitar Hero, Band Hero or Rock Band. Your Music Party Pack includes the Wii gaming console and remotes at no additional charge. We even help plug it in, set it up and get it all working for your event.

How do I setup the equipment on my TV?

When you rent from SamsJams, we setup everything for you at your location. We will also provide instruction at the time of setup.

Do you offer overnight rentals?

Yes, overnight rentals are subject to a $25.00 additional charge and we pickup at or before 10:00am the following morning or are subject to a multi-day reservation charge.

Rentals beyond 8:00pm are subject to overnight charges.